Travel Destinations with the Hottest Women in Canada

Canada is a country rich with beautiful scenic views of green landscapes while its spectacular cities possess a unique mixture of modernity and quaintness. It’s a country that prides itself on tradition with many cities outwardly demonstrating their European roots. It’s also a country that has a long history with hockey, a sport mostly Canadians know too well. However, when it comes to women, you must know exactly which Canadian cities are going to offer the best choice. So if you are not from Canada, and are tired of the same-old girls in your town, look no further. Here is a list of destinations in Canada where you’ll find some of the most eye-catching women.

1. Montreal, Quebec

This city is perfect if a French accent is one of the things you deem irresistible in women. The main language used is French, spoken by more than half of the population. So your chances of bumping into a woman at a bar who speaks the language and possesses a French accent will be in your favor. Here, you’ll see how the laid-back European scene balances well with the urban chique.

In terms of nightlife, Montreal has a good reputation for being a city that can party it up on almost any night. The downtown area offers a handful of five-star hotels and opulent parks. The city also has a slight Vegas vibe to it, with the Montreal Casino hosting musical events, poker tournaments and more. It’s a main spot that gathers some of the cities hottest ladies.

2. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and has a New York feel to it with tall skyscrapers surrounding you in the downtown area and a great transportation system. However, unlike New York, Toronto leans more towards the tranquil side and is filled with friendly people that are easy to talk to, meaning that the women there love to converse and aren’t very shy. You’ll find yourself being more than satisfied at night with the high selection of night clubs that Toronto has such as Lost and Found, Wildflower and Uniun Nightclub. You can also head to Maison Mercer nightclub for a bigger experience with stunning rooftop terraces, perfect to meet an attractive women from Toronto

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s like the west coast in British Columbia, and parties in the west coast are anything but dull. Vancouver has a very diverse population and is filled with equally diverse restaurants.  Its rich culture means that these Canadian women come from very exciting backgrounds. You’ll find beautiful women who are very open minded and possess awesome vibes in the various points of interests scattered around the city. Because Vancouver is so diverse you will be able to find many beautiful of all ages, shapes and sizes. Vancouver was a great travel destination during the baby boomer period which means that Vancouver is full of cougars these days. If dating cougars is your thing, then Vancouver, British Colombia might just be your next travel destination.

Vancouver offers great nightlife during the summer and fall, when people enjoy time off. That means if you want to find attractive women that possess a good physic, summer is a great time to visit this city. Although it is more spread out than Toronto and Montreal, you’ll find most of the best bars and clubs in the core downtown area. Head to Roxy, Cellar or Opus, all great clubs in their own right.





Best Places to Travel

Tourism can be an adventure of a lifetime. Spending quality time with friends and family at one of the world’s best places can also be fun. If you’re planning your next vacation and looking for the best travel places, here is a list of the best places to travel in the world.


Paris is a charming place to visit and anyone can fall in love with this place. People of this city are friendly and no matter the time of the year you visit this city, you’ll always find it captivating and fascinating. Eiffel tower is one of the most famous places in this city. There are many iconic attractions that will just keep any visitor captivated.


There are many best places in Amsterdam which include windmills, zoos, churches, museums, squares, parks and gardens. This beautiful travel destination has a fascinating atmosphere. You can explore the town’s old parts via a canal boat and also on foot. This gives you the opportunity to see the lives of people who live on houseboats which lines the waterways.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the best places to travel in the world. It’s a steep-sided gorge which is carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona in the USA. Every year, close to five million tourists visit this destination. Mild spring, fall and summer are the best time to visit this place and there are many people who also believe this place is worth visiting during the winter.

Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies is part of the best travel places in the world that you can visit in your lifetime. This travel destination has many world-class resorts, outdoor opportunities, national parks and many highlights. The best time to visit the place is during winter because it’s the time that you can enjoy sports such as snowshoeing and skiing.


The city of London is totally fantastic and if you happen to spend a whole year here, you’ll not have enough of this place. There are many places of interest to see here which include the festival hall and the modern art gallery. The best places to travel and see in London are the Buckingham Palace, South Kensington’s Museum, Oxford Street and many more. There are wide range of museums which include the natural history museum, science museum, Victoria and Albert Museum. You won’t get enough of this place and this is why it’s one of the best places to travel in the world.

One of the things you need to think about when you’re considering traveling to one of the best places in the world is your budget. You need to know how much you can afford to spend for your whole trip and take into consideration every possible expense such as food allowance, hotel accommodations, transportation fees and much more. Planning and budgeting is very essential when visiting the best places so that you won’t want to be stuck in an unfamiliar location and having money problems.

Why You Should Visit Alberta Canada

Here are the top 3 reasons to visit Alberta Canada

1. Alberta has beautiful lakes

You’ve definitely seen photos of beautiful Lakes online and all over Instagram and noticed how exceptionally beautiful and majestic they are. But you have never seen a beautiful lake until you visit Moraine Lake or Lake Louise.  Most of the lakes in Alberta are glacier-fed and which means they are freezing, but they are the most beautiful lakes in the world.

  • Emerald Lake located in Yoho National Park
  • Peyto Lake located on the Icefields Parkway
  • Bow Lake located on the Ice-fields Parkway

2. Alberta has the amazing hiking places

If you are into hiking the Alberta is your spot. Alberta has some of the most majestic hiking places in the world. The air quality is indistinguishable, and you will not believe the scenery until you hike to the top of our enormous mountains.

Like Tunnels? Try Crypt Lake hike in Waterton

3. We have the best hottest girls 

Canadas sexiest girls can be found in Alberta. I don’t want to sound like a wild girl here, but from my experience living in Alberta, most girls are looking to hook up with random tourists. If you are from out-of-town, there are apps that you can use to find someone to fuck like on this site

Remember to be yourself, Canadian girls are extremely intelligent and will smell right though through your BS. If you prefer something a little more on the serious side you can try dating sites like POF and 

Dating Canadian girls for casual hookups is an art that needs to be carefully executed. One way to flirt with local girls is to join local events and activities. There are many ways to meet people and find events online, which will get your foot in the door.